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We have years of experience in the field of all pre-production and production. From getting your Visa for the very first scout exploring the vast panorama offered by the country, we are here to help you every step of the way. This includes clearing your script with the proper authorities, overcoming any governmental restrictions, obtaining shooting permits, organizing a completely capable crew, and building those beautifully complex sets that you have imagined.


Master prime lenses (ARRI)

Ultra prime lenses (ARRI)

Alura 45-250 / 18-80 (ARRI)

Red Pro Prime lenses (RED)

Optimo Zoom 28-340 (Angenieux)

Optimo Zoom 24-290 (Angenieux) 

DP Optimo Zoom 25-250 (Angenieux)

 Optimo Short Zoom 16-42 (Angenieux)

 Optimo Short Zoom 13-80 (Angenieux)


HR Zoom 25-250 (Angenieux)

Mecro 100 (ARRI)

COOKE  s4i

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