I Want To Start VLogging. What Camera To Buy?

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I Want To Start VLogging. What Camera To Buy?

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We get asked this question often. If you are starting from scratch and have no gear at all, the best solution is to buy an iPhone 12.

Why? The new iPhones are fantastic for video with Dolby Vision HDR Video. The built in lens and image quality is truly fantastic. If you want evern better audio quality (though we have seen the iPhone's built in mics are very good on their own), go for some thing like a Shure MV88 Microphone, as well as Rode VideoMic Me. And get a decent stand for it. Searching around, you will find more than enough options here.

So you now have a microphone and camera. But you need to shoot at 25FPS for India, but iPhone natively only shoots 30fps. Get Filmic Pro, perhaps the best iOS software out there to shoot video with manual over rides.

What about editing?

You can use Apple's excellent free  iMovie. Or you could go for Luma Fusion (much more advanced but comes for about USD 30).

So, for less than the cost of a DSLR plus lenses you have an excellent vlogging setup. Which is more portable. Plus you can always use the iPhone as a personal phone and a social media tool. Shoot on your iPhone, edit on your iPhone and upload to cloud from there itself. What to do about storage? USe the Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive Go to copy all your videos from iPhone to your flash drive, and then from Flash Drive to other storage mediums. Or if you are feeling more cloud friendly, then get some storage like BackBlaze to backup your data. But remember you would be posting your videos on YouTube/Social media so they will exist their anyway.




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